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The studio is a welcoming environment nestled on a quiet wooded lot, located at the corner of E. 24th at Columbia in the Historic Houston Heights district. Newly built spacious studio with vaulted ceilings, lots of natural lighting and fully equipped with materials and supplies. Students will enjoy quality art classes instructed by MFA degreed Sharon Willcutts, offering drawing, painting, mixed media, and portfolio development, as well as open air lessons outdoors during Spring and Summer sessions. The studio is minutes away from amenities including walking distance from popular locally-owned Heights restaurants, boutique shopping centers, biking and running trails.

Why Choose Sunset Heights Art Studio?

Sunset Heights Art Studio offers classes that are a unique experience for children and adults.

Rich Foundation


SUNSET HEIGHTS ART STUDIO offers a rich foundation in beginning and advanced level courses. At each course level, students develop individually as they learn to use a visual language, enabling them to develop observational skills, critical thinking, and creative expression through art making.

Nurturing Environment


SUNSET HEIGHTS ART STUDIO provides a safe and nurturing environment for discussion and expression that allows for imaginative outcome. Each student is given the opportunity to reach his or her maximum creative potential. Responding to, and understanding the needs of the individual student is what our faculty is committed to doing.

Self Expression


Instructor works with each student as they explore various media and develop skills in design, drawing, painting, and three-dimensional artwork. The student is given a broad range of visual experiences that enhance observational skills and technical abilities. Imaginative ideas are developed through the process of invention and creative thought. Developing self-expression encourages creative problem solving. The student will gain their voice through an introduction to art history and culture, as well as exploring the visual world in which we live.

Observe and Imagine


SUNSET HEIGHTS ART STUDIO believes in intuitive investigation within the basic elements and principles of drawing and design. Students will develop a visual vocabulary and the ability to draw from observation as well as imagination. They will be able to compare and contrast the use of design elements and analyze complex visual relationships, demonstrating the effective use of art materials in two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork.



SUNSET HEIGHTS ART STUDIO offers an Early Learning Program and Home School Art Program for ages 5 – 18, and College Portfolio Preparation, as well as adult education. Classes are designed to accommodate children of all skill levels. We offer a rich program of drawing and painting, as well as three-dimensional artwork.

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