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Sharon Willcutts

Sharon Willcutts lives and works in Houston, Texas. Willcutts received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1983 from the Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri and a Masters of Fine Arts degree in 1988 from the University of Houston, Houston Texas.
Willcutts is the recipient of the Dishman Art Foundation 1st Place Award, the New American Talent Juror’s Award and DiversWorks Landscapes 1991 Artist Grant award. Her work has been exhibited both locally and nation-wide at the Civic Art Center, Galesburg, IL; Sangre De Christo Art Center, Pueblo CO; Dishman Art Museum Lamar University, Beaumont, TX; LSU Art Museum, Baton Rouge, LA; The MAC, Dallas, TX; University of Houston Blaffer Gallery, Houston, TX; University Museum Texas Southern University, Houston, TX; The Jung Center Houston, TX; Williams Tower Houston, TX; DiverseWorks Houston, TX; Lawndale Art and Performance Center Houston, TX; Museum of Fine Arts Glassell School Houston, TX.
Articles and publications acknowledging Sharon’s work include: Houston Chronicle; Texas Monthly, Houston Press and Public News.


Nature is a powerful source of inspiration in my work. It represents a point of departure into the psychological investigation of a more figurative realm. I draw upon nature to mimic the conscious mind, both past and present, reaching into the natural world, both plant and human forms, to embrace and create a since of mystery and desire. Creating images that question the context of identity through an axonometric atmosphere that will lure and seduce. My process is an intuitive investigation of a raw lyrical, yet feminine, calligraphy. Through such imagery I hope to lift the viewer into a more ephemeral realm of passing thoughts and desires.


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